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Classical Guitar Collection
Classical Guitar Collection
Classical Guitar Collection
Classical Guitar Collection

Classical Guitar Collection

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Add this special 3-CD bundle of classical guitar music to your collection which contains Portrait, A Guitar Recital, and The Graduate Recordings and FREE SHIPPING!


"This duo will move you. They rock in the most classical, eloquent, and elegant way."

-- Pepe Raphael, Pepe & The Bottle Blondes


"Duo Tenebroso finds magic in works by modern Spanish composer Victor Carbajo, Erik Satie, Sergio Assad, and others."

-- Classical Guitar Magazine


About Portrait:

Embark on a journey of beautiful lyricism that ends with a fiery and virtuosic statement piece. This is a collection of some of our favorite pieces to play and many of these works have never been played on the guitar until now.

  • Complementary instant download of all album MP3s included!                 (Be sure to extract all files from the zip folder.)
  • 6 new pieces by Victor Carbajo we adapted for two guitars.
  • A beautiful and ethereal Scarlatti sonata expanding the range of two guitars to their absolute max, transcribed by David Franzen
  • A fiery (((World Premiere))) recording of "La Danza Grotesque" by the young and talented American composer Alexander Liss.

Let our music transport you...

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"In their recording 'Portrait' Duo Tenebroso truly speak using the hues and tints of their namesake. Tenebroso or 'Dark' is certainly the side of the pallet they prefer, and they explore every wonderful dusky shade of it. From Reich to Vivaldi, the repertoire is quite diverse, but a common mournful thread can be detected throughout. They are at times thoughtful and expressive, at others precise and athletic, but always musical."

-- Dr. Andrew Zohn, Composer & Guitarist

" Love listening to this music. Beautiful and sensitive tone, fine musicianship and an excellent recording."

-- Jane Darcey, Composer & Guitarist


About A Guitar Recital:

This collection of iconic pieces for guitar performed by David Franzen contains music from many cultures and centuries but they come together to weave a lyrical tale.

This mostly live recording is not made from a single performance but is collected from many over the years and most of these pieces have latin roots and are among my all-time favorites. Manuel de Falla, Isaac Albeniz, and Paco de Lucia are the epitome of what wonderful music has come from spain's great musical traditions. Even the Bach Chaconne owes some of it's beginnings to spain where this continuous variation form originated. 

In the best circumstances the voices of these great musicians can ring out again, in spite of their passing, in the truth of their inspirations. 


About The Graduate Recordings:

This recording is a window back in time to one of Kristen's earlier performances. Remixed & Remastered for amazing sound.


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