David Franzen - A Guitar Recital - Digital MP3
David Franzen - A Guitar Recital - Digital MP3

David Franzen - A Guitar Recital - Digital MP3

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This collection of iconic pieces for guitar performed by David Franzen contains music from many cultures and centuries but they come together to weave a lyrical tale.

This mostly live recording is not made from a single performance but is collected from many over the years and most of these pieces have latin roots and are among my all-time favorites. Manuel de Falla, Isaac Albeniz, and Paco de Lucia are the epitome of what wonderful music has come from spain's great musical traditions. Even the Bach Chaconne owes some of it's beginnings to spain where this continuous variation form originated. 

In the best circumstances the voices of these great musicians can ring out again, in spite of their passing, in the truth of their inspirations. 

I hope you love this music as much as I do.

Be Well,
David Franzen




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~ David & Kristen