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 "Duo Tenebroso finds magic in works by modern Spanish composer Victor Carbajo, Erik Satie, Sergio Assad, and others."

Classical Guitar Magazine

From Reich to Vivaldi, the repertoire is quite diverse, but a common mournful thread can be detected throughout. They are at times thoughtful and expressive, at others precise and athletic, but always musical.

Dr. Andrew Zohn, Composer & Guitarist

"This duo will move you. They rock in the most classical, eloquent, and elegant way.”

Pepe Raphael, Pepe & The Bottle Blondes

Love listening to this music. Beautiful and sensitive tone, fine musicianship and an excellent recording.

Jane Darcey, Composer & Guitarist

"Duo Tenebroso engage in music conversations, creating lyrical performances with impeccable technique and fresh programmatic choices.”

Gregory Miller, Luthier

Duo Tenebroso

The Artistic Journey to Destination Dublin (((World Premiere)))

Duo Tenebroso

Johannes Brahms Romanze Op. 118 No. 5